Using QR Codes in your posters and leaflets

If you’re working on your poster or leaflet for your assignment and you’re short of space or you’ve had to squash some important information into a small space because you have to fit in your list of references, try putting your references list into a QR code.

If you save your references to a webpage or an ‘open’ page on Google Drive for example, you can create a basic QR code using one weblink which takes users to your complete ref list. Or you can be a bit more creative and create a Visual QR code in which you just paste all your references and create a QR code which includes a picture.

Try these examples I made using QRStuff:

This QR Code links to a webpage on Google Drive –








This is a visual QR Code made using Visualead. Log in with a Facebook or Google account. I selected the Rich Text option under QR Code types and pasted my reference list into the Personal Mobile Page which popped up, so no need to make a webpage anywhere else.